Articles Written by Yours Truly


  These are some articles I have written which address issues ranging from Love to Economics to Politics.

Love and Relationships
  * Learning Through Relationships
  * Me and My Good Buddy Leuk (Leukemia)
  * Your Power to Create Love
  * Why Doesn't the Nice Guy Get the Girl?
  * Worshiping at the Golden Calf of Chemistry

Philosophy, Psychology and Politics
  * Elect Snidely Slickster for President of the United States!!
  * Eric Hoffer's Message for Our Time
  * Frederick Bastiat Lays Down The Law
  * Freedom's Challenge for the 21st Century
  * From the New Age to the New Rennaissance
  * Privacy Issues Revisited
  * The Myth of Public Property
  * The Political Red Herrings We Chase
  * The Secret of Successful Despotism
  * The Virtue of Political Apathy
  * Why English Should NOT Be America's Official Language
  * Why I Am An Agnostic
  * World Peace Begins At Home

The book that summarizes it all: A Farm Boy's Testament to the United Nations

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